Online platform will launch & stream on 12 June 2020, 2pm & 7pm BST. Contemporary dance and movement, art performance and short videos by Jaffe, Prescott Law, Shum Pui Yung, Ghost & John and more!

For the anniversary of the Hong Kong social movement, European art organisation Young Blood Initiative ( YBI) is presenting “Silence is Compliance: 寧鳴而死,不默而生”, an online art project together with Zine Coop and We Are HKers on 12 June 2020.

Composed of live-streamed performances, an online gallery, a visual essay by researchers and stories by the people, the art project will largely, but not exclusively, showcase works by Hong Kong artists and creatives. The pieces are curated to illustrate the social movement in different angles through the lenses of artists, researchers and the people from the city. Standing in solidarity with the Hong Kong people in this difficult moment when their freedoms of speech, expressions and publishing are severely threatened, the project provides a platform to recognise and voice support for the movement through the power of art.

​Adapted to social distancing measures and aimed to reach an audience worldwide, performances of movement and performance art, as well as video pieces by a line-up of promising artists locally and internationally will be streamed at two different times on the platform and the social media channels of YBI.

To encourage understanding of the situation in Hong Kong through art, objects and visual culture, a team of four researchers will narrate key moments of the civil movement with a visual essay. Personal stories in the formats of text, video interviews and zines will allow visitors to see the development over the past year through the eyes of the people.

Last but not least, the protest movement has inspired a generation of Hong Kong artists. The gallery will showcase a curated collection of pieces by some of the most interesting talents, completing the experience through the artists’ angles.

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